We are currently supporting company’s to raise awareness of compliance and ensure that Health and Social care organisations are capturing the evidence to show case their services.

We have developed a number of courses that offer workshops and training sessions at a management level to focus on governance, strategic planning and how to ensure that compliance is incorporated in every day management delivery.

We also have designed specific workshops for providers/owners to ensure that your support and ongoing input into your organisation is captured and how your company meets the KLOEs and Regulatory Body Standards.

We have also designed courses to support all staff on all levels within the care industry to understand the compliance requirements, as it is generally the care staff and ground level workforce that are asked to contribute to inspections.


Workshops currently on offer:

  • Provider Workshop — compliance and a provider’s role. Often providers support in many ways that are not always evidenced. By doing this it is made clear how the company is meeting the standards around governance and can make a huge difference to the overall grades. This workshop identifies the way this can be done, and offers a toolkit to support capturing this evidence that you can take away and implement imminently

  • Compliance Made Easier — aimed at managers to have an immersive interactive workshop to develop knowledge of compliance and have the resources available to take away which aim to capture the evidence required against standards such as the KLOEs

  • What is Compliance? — aimed at staff working in the many roles within the care industry to feel empowered and confident in their own knowledge of compliance, standards and what is expected of them including how their work contributes to the KLOEs and what they can do to work to capture this better.


We have an experienced and qualified team who have expertise within a vast range of services, and all share the passion and ethos to raise standards and more importantly capture the existing work that all care services do to maximise this going forward.


As a company we also offer consultancy support to many organisations within the health and social care sector but also within training providers and associated services around the health and social care sector.

We have consultants who will work with your company to develop business growth, develop ideas and implementation of new projects. We will support with facilitation of audits, and mock inspections and compliance offering tools and resources that are all designed around the standards set from the regulatory body’s.

We also offer guidance and support to enhance what you are doing and will support you to adhere and meet all requirements that you may have with individual contracts when you may need simply a little more support.

We have terms and conditions that are written specifically for any project we work on that includes non-disclosures and respect is always adhered to when representing your company if support is required on your projects. We work collaboratively with professionalism and integrity.

Audits and Mock Inspections:

We also offer an opportunity for your company to invest in a mock inspection. This supports providers to have evidence of what their company or organisation is currently doing and what their potential grade may be within an inspection.

We offer support by conducting an announced or unannounced mock inspection and will complete a full report against the KLOEs and other regulatory body standards so that it is clear what is working well and what may need development.

The after-care support is ongoing where we help you to implement the action plan that is identified.

We also have a range of resources, tools, documents, and a full suite of policies and procedures that you may find useful. We bespoke to each service and ensure that these meet your individual needs.

We can facilitate medication audits and support with compliance led by a qualified nurse who also has a lot of experience in the sector and running a care service

Our service can be bought in to support your team in whatever capacity is required. We offer a full package including mock inspections, compliance support and resources and tool kits so that evidence can be captured.

Please contact us for details and we will bespoke a package to suit your individual needs, and budget.

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