Supporting a friend or family member who has complex needs never comes with a rule book or instruction manual.


We support organisations and services to offer quality training, but we also recognise that many families and carers don’t have the access to this training, despite also carrying out the role that a person may be doing who is paid.


We offer free places on existing courses so please let us know if you would benefit from this and we can book you a place.


We do get funding periodically that supports carers so enquire to see what we have available.


We also have e-learning if you want to learn at ease at your own pace, please click our e-learning tab at the top of this page


We also develop a  number of resources to aid communication, and offer support to families who may need a place to share their experiences and ideas.

Follow this link to a specific page that we also run to offer support and opportunities for families who are living the adventure of raising children with complex needs -

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