The Health and Care sector can be hard to navigate and often demands are ever increasing.

We have identified the support we can offer to providers and managers to be both valuable and practical

We offer workshops to providers and managers offering a forum to share ideas, but more importantly how the work can be showcased for your organisation when being measured during inspections and commissioning visits. 

We offer a suite of management courses:

These include:

  • Funded routes via The levy and Non levy

  • Commercially priced to ensure the time on programme does not need to be prolonged and achievement can be paced well

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We are always updating our course content to embed the changing standards, and requirements within the sector

We offer courses that go up to a Level 7 and support people in all leadership roles to achieve nationally accredited qualifications, but also workshops and courses that support individual CPD

The most important aspect to roles is that the work can be achieved efficiently and to a quality expected.

Our courses, interactive delivery and assessment approaches support you within your role and capture the work you already do and map this into the courses, whilst offering other valuable content to feel you have developed skills and improved performance.

Our aim is to support you within the role that you have and support ongoing business growth.