An Important Message from Complete

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Just an update with regard to training and how we can maintain training compliance through the challenging times at present.

If we are facilitating any training for you, we are taking every precaution to follow all protocol and guidance to maintain safety. We are working closely with services to work out what essential training is required, then taking this step-by-step together to ensure that we offer this safely.

If you are on any upcoming training with us, please follow our guidelines below:

- Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19 cannot attend training - When entering our building, please use the anti-bacterial gel on reception and go straight to the training room - Anyone who turns up for training that isn't nominated will unfortunately be turned away to keep numbers at a minimum - During training, please ensure there is an empty seat either side of you to promote social distancing - We will provide anti-bacterial wipes throughout the day so please use these - We will provide disposable cups to avoid cross contamination - Any sessions that involve practical assessments will be reduced to demonstrations and use of videos to avoid any close contact - Please bring your own lunch to avoid going out to crowded areas at break times - If anything changes during the day whilst training is being held, we will keep everyone updated and liaise with yourselves throughout.

If training is held off site, the trainer will have anti-bacterial wipes and hand gel. We will follow all protocols stated above

We also have many online learning courses that you can access if this is a better alternative to the training you need

All learners who are on programme of learning (such as diplomas, or completing Level 2 workbooks - short course) are encouraged to continue to work on these as it is essential we maintain consistency throughout.

We are aware that many are struggling for time, whilst we do not want to put pressure on anybody, we also want to maintain the support ongoing.

We have postponed all face-to-face delivery of sessions for diploma learners, but we have assessors and trainers who will have weekly contact via email and phone to try and capture evidence to assist the progress of learning. We can also FaceTime, Skype or through WhatsApp video

We also have some eLearning that would support diploma learners to still access study remote.

Workbooks and resources can be provided electronic through email so that you can still progress and these can then be emailed for assessment or you can print and hand write and then have these scanned in. There are lots of options available so that you can continue to be supported and continue to make progress through these difficult times.

We will continue to support you and please let us know if you need anything!

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